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Prosper & Stabfinger - Down in the Basement

Funkin' the disco!

Now firmly established within the Bombstrikes family, Parisian funksters Prosper & Stabfinger return with their latest batch of high quality jams in the form of ‘Down in the Basement Ep’. While managing to find a home in a sweet spot somewhere along the range between Funk and Disco, each track manages to capture a vintage feel, yet retains crisp modern production styles. First up is the title track ‘Down in The Basement’ which features the vocal talents of Awoke over a solid 4/4 groove and the duo’s funked out full band production. ‘Lucky Six’ delivers a flow from Lions Pride and music which sublimely transports the listener back to the original sound of NYC block parties and the early origins of Hip Hop and B-Boy culture. Finally, there is a remix of Boggie Bugi by Fedorovski (LouLou Records/Delicious) which turns up the arpeggio to create a heavier synth laden dance floor smash. Once again the duo have delivered the goods in their own unique style.



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