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Out Now: Out There

Boydex x Swim Inc x Lickweed

Bombstrikes welcomes a new collaboration to the label in the form of Boydex, Swim Inc and Lickweed. While these talented artists are making their debut as a trio on the label, their reputation precedes them, having amassed a dedicated following for their eclectic blend of funk-infused rhythms and electronica. "Out There" exemplifies their collective brilliance. Seamlessly merging bluesy undertones with pulsating midtempo basslines and turntablism

Swim Inc: "Teaming up with Boydex, we set out to create something of a stompy banger, walking the fine line between organic bluesy grooves and chunky basslines. To tie the piece together, Lickweed built on those blues band vibes to deliver a guitar solo with a technical turntablist twist and turn the track into something truly out there."


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