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About Bombstrikes Records....

One of the originals, Bombstrikes is a scene defining, dancefloor bothering label.


Bombstrikes Stage @ Beatherder Festival UK       (Photo: Duke St. Studios)

15 Year design final 2.jpg

Founded in 2004 the simple principal was delivering the funk with engaging music that always rocks the dance floors, regardless of genre. Started by two of the label's key artists, Mooqee & Beatvandals, each release had to be a bomb! This ethos continued throughout the initial vinyl based volume series and as the label evolved alongside the changing digital landscape, helping to develop a global funk and mid tempo scene along the way.


It's crazy to think how much the label has grown and now works with artists and partners from around the globe. Alongside individual artist releases Bombstrike is also home to the much loved Funk n' Beats, Disco Funkin' and Bass Funk compilation series, with guest curators helping the listener discover new music or unearth forgotten classics.


We continue to push things forward with everything we do, whether it is releases, festival stages or club nights....We always do it with our same founding ideals and will continue to do what we do best. Watch this space.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the journey so far.

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