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Pre Order: Freed From Desire

Ltd 7inch Vinyl.

'Freed From Desire' is Nat Tate's cover of a dance anthem featuring Waldo's Gift and Yolanda Quartey (AKA Yola, fresh from an award-nominated performance portraying Sister Rosetta Tharpe in Baz Luhrmann's Elvis movie), reworked into future funk classic by Boca 45. Guitar riffs and rolling beats dance alongside one hell of a vocal performance from Yolanda. Delivering an interpretation with such gravitas that it feels like it could actually be the original. Over on the flip, 'Suki's Revenge PT 2' is a musical masterclass, from the haunting horn hooks to organ riffs and hip-hop beats, this is a classic Boca 45 style party rocker. A worthy addition to the much loved 'Bombs' series from Bombstrikes.


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