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Out Now: X-Ray Ted - Gimme Soul

X-Ray Ted continues to astound with his recent run of impeccable releases. When he isn't putting together audio slices of sunshine, it seems he is a true master at delivering some soul power. His latest cut 'Gimme Soul' sees him at his sampling and slicing best, taking guitar hooks, layering with heavy rolling beats, and reimagining vocal hooks to deliver that XRT special sauce, bursting with old-school funk 'n' Soul delivered with a modern twist.

XRT:"Gimme Soul is a love letter to the late 60s. The horns, the drum breaks, guitars and organs all spoke to me as textures which really solidify everything I love about the era. I wanted to follow up my last EP with something heavy and groovy, but still artistically relevant and exciting - giving a post-modern interpretation which felt like both 1968 and 2023."


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