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Out Now: Magic Remixes


Combining earlier this year for their collaborative debut on Bombstrikes, Dubra and PM2THEAM delivered an exquisite single in the form of 'Magic' which has now been reimagined with this remix EP. Two new mixes are delivered here, each with an eye, and ear, on different areas of electronic music. Swiss production group The Niceguys launch their new musical direction upon the world with their highly musical, more soulful, and disco groove-driven remix, producing an emotive take on the song that will also find a place on dancefloors. The second remix is from LA-based Ninjula, who quite simply never fails to deliver. He has taken the ethereal hooks of the original and thrown them into the pot with his trademark mid-tempo electronica. A Bass Funk monster that packs a serious punch whilst also maintaining poignant depth.

Listen/Download HERE


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