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Out Now: Get Out The House

X-Ray Ted returns with legendary MC Nathaniel Hall

It's time to reclaim you, be yourself, and 'Get out The House'! Bristol beatsmith X-Ray Ted teams up with the legendary Nathaniel Hall (AKA Baby Bam of Jungle Brothers) to unleash this funk-fuelled jam. Nathaniel drops all monikers and aliases to deliver a masterclass in lyricism, combining powerful flow with touches of humour and fun. He has gone all out on this, bombing the bass like never before, with a full-on vocal performance that shatters glass with a level of tension that would equally be at home in Rock N Roll roots.

X-Ray Ted supplies the music with that touch of funkafied excellence he is now known for. The music is not simply a bed for Nathaniel to shine upon, although he certainly does. The expertly crafted beats, guitars, and horn section create a perfect counterpoint to the vocals, whilst also sending the energy of the track into overdrive, creating moments of anthemic joy and debauchery, without taking itself too seriously. You get worms in your ears and words in your mouth with this one!

Listen/Download: HERE


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