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Out Now: Beat Le Juice - Space Cadillac EP

Bombstrikes welcomes Beat Le Juice to the label for his debut release. Whilst the Polish DJ & Producer may be new to the label, he is certainly no stranger to the scene, picking up a growing army of fans for his releases and remixes, combining funk vibes and electronic sounds. First up, '2 Funky' delivers a full-on bass funk assault with guitar hooks, synth bass, and powerful beats. This is all topped off by an anthemic talk box with Mr. Maph's funk vocal hooks and the deft flow delivery of EVeryman. The 2nd track, 'Lollipop' oozes class from the first refrains of its infectious synth hook, going on to combine elements of P-Funk with bottom-heavy modern electro. Finally, the title track 'Space Cadillac' combines soulful vocals over low-slung beats and bass to take the tempo down a little but loses none of the energy. If this is a sign of things to come from Beat Le Juice and Bombstrikes, then strap in because it's going to be quite the ride!


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