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Out Now: Back To You

Bazza Ranks & Turnstyle feat. Venessa Jackson

"Back To You" boasts an unmistakable international essence, as it unites Irish producer Bazza Ranks, fresh from successful releases on King Street and Midnight Riot, with US-based Turnstyle, resulting in a sumptuous late-night Nu-Disco joint. Together, they've crafted a rich tapestry of sound, weaving warm strings, tantalizing licks and pulsating synth bass to harmonize flawlessly with the soulful vocals of South African singer Venessa Jackson. She not only graces the track with her diva-esque voice but also pens the song's central message — a profound reflection on the principle of reciprocity in life, where you receive what you put out into the world.

VJ (Venessa Jackson) shares her inspiration behind the song: "This song was born from the 'Boomerang Effect,' a reminder that our actions are like seeds sown in the soil of life. Acts of goodness yield a harvest of goodness in return, while negativity reaps its own consequences. It's a cautionary tale, urging us not to give Karma a reason to visit our doorstep."

In addition to the extended version tailored for dancefloor enthusiasts, there is also an exceptional remix by Madame Electrifie. Her rendition skilfully strips down the layers to create a swaggering analog house groove with a relentless rhythm that keeps on rumbling, serving as a compelling backdrop to Venessa's vocals. This remix masterfully captures the tension and release that defines memorable moments on the dancefloor. Outstanding stuff all around.


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