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Out Now: Ali B - Swing It

Featuring Afika NX on vocals.

With a career spanning over 2 decades in music, Ali is somewhat of a pioneer, pushing forward the scene as the first and longest standing resident at the legendary club Fabric, in addition to hosting radio shows on Capital and Kiss FM. South African-American hip-hop artist Afika NX also brings a strong pedigree to the collaboration, he has picked up huge props for his musical output and is credited with an impossibly catchy style evoking both Bob Marley and Busta Rhymes in the same breath. The resulting music is something special, fusing 808 rhythms and contagious sax hooks seamlessly with Afika NX's impeccable flow. Flipping the tempo, Washington DC's own Funk legends Fort Knox 5 deliver a killer remix, toughening up the beats, adding guitar licks and keys to great effect.


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