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Five That Count: Tom Booze

Stream & download 'Another Dimension' HERE.

Tom Booze continues to follow his own sonic path, never constrained by genre but always top shelf! We caught up with him to find out the 5 tracks which influence his sound and mean the most...


Bronx Dogs - Tribute To Jazzy Jay

Tom: I think it was in 1998 I had a mixtape for the Purveyors room at a rave called Halcyon Nights. On one side was a mix by Freestylers, and on the flip was a mix from DJ Ransom who ran the club night Purveyors. His mix started with this joint, and from that first sample I was hooked. I wore that tape out completely. Check out the Ransom mix here.


Swindle - Reach The Stars feat. Andrew Ashong

Tom: Such a fan of Swindle since I first saw him on a double bill with Plastician in LA back in 2015 (!??!). Throwing jazz, funk, hip hop, live instruments, insane production (and probably the kitchen sink too) into the mix.


Oliver - Chemicals feat. MNDR

Tom: To be honest I could have chosen anything on this album, or indeed anything by Oliver in general. Can we just agree they are gods?


Earth, Wind & Fire - In The Stone

Tom: The percussion. The timing. The melodies. The harmonies. The FUNK. The groove. The all of it. Just, just all of it.


Danny Breaks - The Jellyfish

Tom: Holy hell give me another shot of whatever the hell this is. Wonk. Flonk. Hip-hop. Bass. Funk. Squelch. Fart. JAMMM.



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