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Five That Count: The Niceguys

Stream & download 'Thrill ft. Leo Napier' HERE.

Swiss production outfit The Niceguys are back with another slice of disco infused funk goodness in the form of 'Thrill'. We caught up Raphael, David, Luz & Pascal, to find out the 5 tracks which mean the most...


Busta Rhymes - Turn it Up, Fire it Up

Raphael: Busta Rhymes was a huge influence for me, especially with his tune “Turn it Up, Fire it Up”. When this song came out it people went mad about it. Funnily enough it was my first dancefloor experience when I went out for the first time. Probably I was too young at this stage and even not allowed to visit the club. The people on the dancefloor went crazy, and I guess that this moment is one of the reasons why I started DJing.


Stereo MCs – Creation

Pascal: As a child I was a drummer in a band consisting of adults. After the band split up the lead guitarist came to me and gave me the album “Connected” of the Stereo MCs. This album totally blew my mind and after that I wanted to create music by myself. “Creation” was my favourite song but the whole album is legendary piece of music. It was one of the biggest influences for me as a producer and musician until now.


Groove Armada – My Friend

Luz: Groove Armada was a part of my musical career from the beginning. They showed me how the fusion of analogue and digital music can work. This was really inspiring for me as a musician. In my opinion one of their greatest songs is “My Friend”.


Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Ain't That A Bitch

David: When I lived together with Pascal in one house, we had our band room and my studio there in the same place. We used to listen to music and produce music all around the clock. One track we were playing all the time was Johnny Guitar Watson “Ain’t That Bitch”. I was deeply impressed by the funky licks of this song.


Band of Skulls – Himalayan

The Niceguys: We listen to “Himalayan” of Band of Skulls quite often. On one hand it’s a great song with an amazing energy. The song is very reduced, all elements hit in together, which makes it very powerful. It’s a rock song combined with funky guitar riffs. On the other hand it kind of help to recalibrate our ears and minds, as it comes from a different genre than our music comes from. Sometimes we listen to nature sounds though to calibrate our ears. Both are fun.



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