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Five That Count: Kenny Beeper X SwimINC

Stream & download 'Do It Like This ft. EVeryman' HERE.

Kenny Beeper and SwimINC team up for their debut collaboration on the label, a full throttle Bass Funk track in the form of 'Do It Like This'. We caught up with them to find out the 5 tracks which mean the most to them...


Opiuo - Robo Booty

SwimINC: For me, this was the tune that started it all. I remember being at my first big doof (Rainbow Serpent in Australia) and catching Opiou blow up the main stage. It really got me thinking "You know what... Maybe there is something to this electronic music..." I picked up a copy of Ableton as soon as my broke uni student self could afford it and the rest is history.


Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack

KB: I had a healthy soft spot for the heavier side things growing up and when I heard this the penny dropped. Music was about expression and carried immense power when done correctly. For a young ‘Kenny’ this song made that hit home. From the opening build up to the searing guitar’s of Tom Morello - this song just had power and presence.

Zac’s distinct vocal and rap style glued it all together, and for a rock song had a gnarly funky swing to it.


Crystal Method - Cherry Twist

KB: This is what originally got me into breakbeat. Without really knowing it properly, I think heard the Stanton Warriors around the same time. From memory it was ’97 and this tune had a driving hook and progression which had me sold on this sound. They also had great sonic movement within their track which I used to love in my old hotted up cars!


Skope - Get On Up

SwimINC: Everything this dude does is gold but this tune in particular has always been a favourite of mine. Just that perfect blend of bluesy/funky organic elements with that powerful bass and killer beat. Production goals for me right here and a tune I always find myself referring back to when I need some inspiration.


The Prodigy - No Good (Start The Dance)

KB: Well, If this didn’t have me start to go down the electronic music rabbit hole I don’y know what did. This song was a shift into wanting to know more about how they produce this type of music. At the same time is just took you on journey when listening. The Prodigy changed the game for a lot of good reasons.



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