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Five That Count: ElectroGorilla

Stream & download 'Nothin' HERE.

Russian master of all things Bass Funk ElectroGorilla makes a welcome return to Bombstrikes, delivering two new tracks of the highest order. We caught up with him to find out the 5 tracks which mean the most...


Zulema - Wanna Be Where You Are

ElectroGorilla: Not a song, but a fairy tale. Ear balm. As soon as I heard this song, I immediately wanted to make an edit. There are tracks that are just worth listening to and they immediately inspire creativity. This is exactly it.


Elektra - Meid Kaasa Muusika Viib

ElectroGorilla: I discovered the creativity of this group for myself just recently. This is probably one of the few bands in the USSR that performed true disco, in my opinion. Light, like a sea breeze, light music immediately found its place in my heart. I love this stuff very much.


Lada - Word of mouth

I really love Soviet funk, soul, disco and this is just one of my favorite tracks of that time. There are very few songs that combine both soulfulness and groove. There is a groove that shakes regardless of the mood of the track.


Eduard Artemiev - Admirers

ElectroGorilla: This track is space, but not the one at the top. It would be if the field were space. Warm, seasonless, emotionally deep, and at the same time light track. Listening to him, you can experience several feelings at once - from tranquility to experience.


Raymond Pauls - Disco theme from movie Theater

ElectroGorilla: Legendary composer from the times of the Soviet Union. I love the music of that time very much. This nourishes me emotionally and gives me new ideas for creativity.



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