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All The Way with The Niceguys

Hitting a sweet spot between old-school hip-hop and funk.

The Niceguys continue to find their sonic sweet spot between Funk, Nu Soul and Hip Hop with their latest release, "All The Way." This Swiss outfit lay down a musical bed of rolling beats, horn hooks and guitar licks, perfectly complementing StarrLight's smooth yet high-energy flow. Adding to this dynamic, Greg Blackman's soul-infused vocals elevate the track into an irresistible earworm.

TNG: "We created the demo for this track with StarrLight in mind, starting with an old-school hip-hop and funk vibe. We love her style and vocal delivery, so we aimed to build a space where she could truly shine and she really delivered. As we added the horn and guitar hooks, the track's energy skyrocketed. When Greg joined in for the chorus, everything clicked into place, and we knew we had something special."


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