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Out Now: Shaka Loves You - Paris Bus Ride

What better way to usher in the New Year than with Shaka Loves You's latest musical offering! The Glaswegian duo presents 'Paris Bus Ride,' a relentless groover that pays homage to the French Disco House sound. The track builds around looped hooks weaving through filters, driven by a robust 4/4 rhythm. These elements construct a sumptuous sonic landscape, providing the ideal foundation for the vocal, which adds to a perfect storm for the dancefloor.

Shaka Loves You: "Paris Bus Ride was inspired by exactly that. A night-time journey through the heart of Paris with a soundtrack of French boogie and disco is the spark for this track. The initial idea has changed a lot in the year it was made before it ended up in its final form which we are delighted with. An uplifting earworm, perfect for a peak-time dancefloor."


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