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Out Now: Doin' The Conga

Prosper & StabFinger Feat. Too Many T's & Awoke

Prosper & Stabfinger make a triumphant return to Bomb Strikes, unleashing a dancefloor anthem with their latest track, 'Doin' The Conga.' This musical fusion seamlessly blends old-School and new-school vibes, paying homage to the legendary Rick Rubin Hip Hop sound while infusing the contemporary power of electronic music. The infectious beats wouldn't be complete without the lyrical prowess of Too Many Ts, whose contribution adds a dynamic and infectious layer, urging listeners to hit the dancefloor and is reminiscent of the golden days Beastie Boys and Run DMC.

Too Many Ts: It's funny because at first, we had to explain what a conga was (not the drum, but a wild vibe where people dance in a line at a party!).I think that's what we all like from music - some good funky times.

In addition to a useful Instrumental, Prosper & Stabfinger team up with long-time collaborator Awoke for the captivating 'Check The Status'. This track takes a detour into the downtempo and dark side, as Awoke's relentless flow weaves through an 808 bass and eastern-influenced strings. The result is a mesmerising counterpoint to the title track, delivering a sonic experience that is both devastating and captivating.


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